Thursday, 6 September 2012


I'm sure some of you have heard about Jimoh Ibrahim shutting down all Air Nigeria operations effective Monday Sept 10 2012 and how he all sacked all but 50 staff members for what he tagged disloyalty.

In my mind i'm wondering who in the 1st place sold this business to him, Jimoh Ibrahim in my opinion is a BASAJE for a nicer term to use, we saw what he did with news watch and the other businesses, this air Nigeria own was a long time coming, he has never taken anything and turned it into a success NEVER and its just amazing how he still goes up and down making mouth.

I just sometimes blame the people that give him these businesses, you know his reputation, you worked hard with sweat and blood and decided to sell to this man.(honestly this man needs delivrance nothing he ever touches prospers)

He has not only rendered many people jobless but also is owing 5months salary from one of the in house staff who wants to be left as anonymous.

He would soon issue another useless statement saying "its the plan of my enemies to spoil my good name but God will shame them" can you iimagine the joker. GOD!!!

In his statement he said "“Corporations are like individuals, who naturally will get sick, and the usual thing to do is to admit them to hospitals, either for corporate surgery or for treatment, as the case may be.

“During such period, it is not likely that they will work in full capacity, depending on the nature of the illness.” Jimoh Ibrahim said

The airline suspension will last for at least a year the statement read. He asked passengers who have bought tickets to meet their agents for refund"

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