Monday, 24 September 2012


Please if you are very emotional or sensitive dont look at the pic thats follows this story oh!

I heard a "girlfriend" out of jealousy bathed her boyfriend's private area with acid. According to the source, the girl in question suspected foul play and checked her boyfriend's phone. On checking, she discovered text messages indicating that he was cheating

....Again I warn you, Viewer Discretion strongly advised, the picture you're about to see is quite upsetting!

Instead of addressing the issue in a civilized manner, she decided to express her anger by pratically killing the boyfriend in question. How? She purchased acid, and convinced him to engage in kinky sex(s&m) with her, resulting him been tied to the bed.

Because she wanted to interrogate him before pouring the acid, it was reported that she didn't gag him. After bathing his private area with acid, his piercing screams brought neighbors running to the rescue. Unfortunately, the harm had been done. Below is a pic of the guy receiving treatment in the hospital
Na wa oh!!!! Cant you just walk away God!!!

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