Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I've had my fair share of relationships... The guy I thought was my last bus stop let's call him D just jabod me via bbm sef*hahaha* thinking about it now na to dey laugh....
His married now though and he and his wife are such a beautiful couple, now I see why it didn't work out.

That aside you know there are some days when you just want to be all mushy, cuddled up, jisting and all with your boo and noborry is there just you, work, your bb and bible *God dey sha*

But I was thinking about it and I'm like baba God what's the p? Everyone is in a relationship, getting engaged, married, popping babies. I have organized like 4 bridal showers and counting, done maid of honor, bridesmaid effrything, where my own dey and something just came in my head. "have you thought that I want you to take time to discover yourself,stop focusing on the relationship and let it happen and you'll marvel at the way love will sweep you off your feet, the man that is going to make you his queen might just be around you but you don't know it" and in my mind I'm like God he can like to come on time jor, all this one na long story.

But sitting down and thinking about it, being single allows me the opportunities that a relationship or marriage might restrict you from having. Sometimes i think relationships are just loooong like really!!!

I told God I said you know what, you created me, you know how I roll, you know how I function, you know what's best for me, please give me the one best suited to me that will love me and more and there was just some peace this time because I just dumped every single worry on his head, but I added sha I don't want to have to wait too long father"

I and  @SenatorBAD were talking about this whole thing and he said love is good but be with someone that you see yourself with for the next 60years, forget all the gra gra at the initial stage, your planning towards a marriage not just a wedding,its for life,its all the way don't go thinking its twitter when you'll just up and go....
I thought about it oh! Love will go oh! Its not mushy everyday, when it comes to the real deal can this ogbeni be there for me, do I see myself with him, its not fine boy all swag oh?
 There's more to life mehn, my kids(generation changers will come from our loins,I gats choose wisely)

Ps: Men if you have a good woman, someone that loves you, is there for you, listens to you please don't cheat on her, you aren't hurting her you are hurting yourself on the long run.

Apply the 80-20 rule, hold ur things in your pockets please.

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