Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I dont know how true this is but i got this mail on Friday 18th Jan 2013 and this is what it says:

"I hope this message is getting to you in good health. Please this info is just getting to me ( from a very reliable source, the boy in question's uncle sent this to me he wants me to help him get the news to public to help save the future of the boy (Diekoloreoluwa). That's why I'm writing this mail to you to help publish it on your blog. Thanks a lot.

News reaching us now is that Nollywood actor Kunle Afolayan, has been maltreating his first boy.  Diekoloreoluwa David Afolayan is Kunle’s first boy. Kunle Afolayan is currently married to another woman called Tolu but not the mother of Diekoloreoluwa. Kunle. Diekoloreoluwa’ mum and Kunle we gathered are not staying together but Kunle is in custody of the boy.
The very brilliant and intelligent Diekoloreoluwa was living in h*ll before his mum came to pick him up from kunle’s house. Tolu, the wife of kunle treated Diekoloreoluwa so bad due to reasons best known to her. The boy sleeps on the floor while her own children sleeps on the bed, he was never allowed to watch the TV in the house, no good food….. The mum had to pick his boy up when she heard the news.
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We were told that Tolu the current housewife of Kunle often feels uncomfortable mere seeing any relatives of Kunle, that many times blocked the ways of Kunle’s family members from getting financial assistance from him. Its so unfortunate that the very brilliant Diekoloreoluwa who has won many prizes in school for good academic performance has now dropped out of school for more thean 6months now with Kunle doing absolutely nothing about it. Anyone reading this note and can talk to Kunle about Diekoloreoluwa’s situation should please do and help save the future of the boy.

All means to get Kunle proved abortive for me to hear his side of the story

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