Friday, 20 September 2013


I know i know i know, its been 7months. A lot has happened.

Is it just me, or 2013 has already come to an end? like we just said " happy new year" few minutes ago now its almost the end of the year, it is gaju.

That aside,Sometimes I sit down and try to take stock of my life and it's numerous stages. It amazes me to see how far I have come even in the midst of the storms. God is indeed faithful, I am not perfect but God has just been too faithful and everyday i just grow more thankful.

How are you guys, what has been happening?

A solemn promise from now on, i will blog everyday even if its one post i would do something and yea i"m going to get a bit more personal about my journey through life so please feel free to stop by and share with me.

Moyeni mi

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