Friday, 20 September 2013


As gotten from Rolake was about to do it, for about five months, she had been in that under g kinda mode with Tope, but she was ready now, ready to proclaim him to the whole wide world.

 She had tested him in every way to see if he was serious and he had come out smelling like roses, she had even gotten her hot friend whom he didn’t know, Adefolaju, to flirt with him to see if he would fall. Lailai, he didn’t.

She put up a picture as her twitter AVI for all her five thousand plus followers to see. Then she uploaded pictures on face book and finally put the same AVI picture as her BBM display picture.
As she expected, the comments and gbeborun questions started pouring in,she had a good laugh answering each and every one of them and everyone congratulated her that Tope was a great catch. She felt on top of the world.

She had put the picture up at eight just as she got to work and met a bouquet of roses from Tope waiting for her. Now, six hours later, the Nigerian and UK gbeboruns were satisfied, the U.S and Canada gbeboruns just began waking up.

The contact named The Sexy Retard on her BBM but whose real name was Ranti pinged her, Ranti was her very close friend who relocated to Canada like six years ago. Of course, they were still close, but the time and distance had made them drift a little, so she didn’t share all the juicy details of  with her,especially after Ranti’s painful breakup with her boyfriend of two years, one Babs like that.

Ranti was a coded kind of person who didn’t share any of Babs pictures on social media because she was a mini-celeb,but in private with Rolake, she shared all the details of her sex life with Babs, how he turned her, tied her, lifted her, pounded her, ate her, every single erotic detail.
She opened Ranti’s message and here’s what it said
“Rolake, why the hell are you putting up a picture of you and Babs and calling him your boo?”
It was then that it hit Rolake that Tope’s full first name was Babatope and he had mentioned at some point that he had been called Babs when he lived abroad.

If you were Rolake, would you go on with the relationship or call it off? If you are male, reverse the genders in the story and let’s know what you would do. This was fun at work today, so I’m dying to hear your thoughts. Vote and then drop a comment. Culled from ema"s blog

What would you do in Rolake's Shoes?



Missy Tee's said...

Oh mehnnnn. This is hard o, well first up I'll speak with both of them and do some serious prayer and fasting (lol). So complicated, can't even say this or that is the right thing to do. Welcome back YenYen (sorry! Just had to call you that) :-)

Anonymous said...

You lifted this story off and you didn't even give credit to the original writer. #tueh


Dear Anonymous: i didnt lift the story off anywhere. i got it from a friends blog and if you read clearly you see i put her name.

I will check the tlsplace and make appropriate refrences.