Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nigerian men arent of this world.

Nigerian men arent of this world i tell you. lol

Disclaimer: Although many people will still ignore this and get mad anyway; I do not mean to indulge in generalities. This is all based on my experience and those of a few friends

 I need to understand why a man would still be depending on mumy and dady at this age(being 30) they say they are chasing contract today,waiting for contract tomorrow this and that i don tire.

You come into an office and tell me you want to be earning 150k monthly with only a B.A in business administration ( i didnt know when i burst out laughing in the interview), no experience, nothing and you want to be earning 150k, when its not as if you went to a babalawo before you came for the interview.

In this lagos you can  rarely have a decent conversation without it going into alcohol or party or girls with a man, almost impossible, have we become so shallow?

Everybody is in the entertainment industry now, you meet one he"ll say his a producer,DJ,artist and the first few minutes of the convo your exhausted.

My dear men are so good with telling you "something is telling me your my wife", "i want to get married in 8 months" no source of income, no business on the side NATHING and you wan marry

Men whatever happened to being hardworking or industrious? you sit your ass home, smoking weed, chasing one music career or acting career that you know is not going anywhere. Whatever happened to trying to workout something, get with a few friends, think up a business plan and implement. It might be hard at first but its worth the trail.

The breed of men this country is churning out these days is just *smh* these are future fathers.

The truth be told, there are fantastic men out there who work hard and have their priorities right, they play hard but work harder but these range rover driving, squatting with mumy and daddy, wake up at 12, check your twitter acount, call one babe up is horrendous. Plix una try and do something ehn.


Missy Tee's said...

Tell them Olori. It's funny that some genuinely want to work hard but the economy alone is enough to demotivate them. Nevertheless though...age 30 - living with parents - waking at 12... Ah o require solution.

Anonymous said...

Ahah, whats the big deal in earning 150k straight out of Uni with no experience. I guess it depends on where one is applying for a job. Oil companies and banks and quite a number of institutions will pay that. These days, it doesn't even matter what u studied, they basically just train on the job. For real. That living in the parents house at 30 is a problem sha but I try not to judge. The race is not to the swift....