Friday, 20 December 2013


Christmas is super near and it’s already time to start thinking about some Christmas gifts ideas for  our beloved ones. Despite what many people think, men are always the most difficult ones buy something for, whether is our sweet second half, your dad, your brother or a friend. So here are a few ideas for you!

If your man is a techy kind of guy then technology it shall be. Of course everything related with this can be quite costly, specially if we're talking about tablets, smartphones and so on. Some brands offer the possibility to buy refurbished products, which basically means that they were new products that had some type of defect at the time they were bought, so they were taken back to the store (giving the client a new article) and after repairing the item sold for a lesser price. Another option is to buy them on classifieds sites where you can find just about anything, from accessories to devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. or even things not related to technology, which could be a good idea if they're in perfect state.

If he is a guy who likes style and fashion and enjoys dressing up and wearing trendy accessories, then a smart watch could be the right choice. According to the tastes and style of your man, there are many different types of watches: from the most elegant ones to those with highly technical features and deep underwater resistance. Speaking of accessories, a nice tie, some silver cuff links, a leather belt or a perfume can also be an amazing idea for a gift. He will surely appreciate an elegant new accessory to match with those new shoes he just bought.

If he is a hard worker a nice gift could be related to rest and relaxation. This is specially true for men who like to take special care of their skin, hair and beard. Forget about the stereotype that only women and gay men use beauty products because it's old fashioned and specially not true! Now more than ever men are starting to take care of their “handsomeness”, and of course your man will want to look good for you too. There are plenty of beauty products for men in cosmetics stores, so make sure to pay close attention at your man's beauty needs to pick the right item for him. A all-time classic has been a beard trimmer or a shaver, you can't go wrong with that (unless he already has one)!

Another great gift is an experience. You could buy him a weekend somewhere in the countryside or maybe a spa, where you can go together and get some relax away from everyday life. Or if your man is an adrenalin one, then he will love the idea of a rafting experience, parachuting, or free climbing! Check out online for some adventure activities that can be interesting to do, and if you're a crazy girl yourself there's no better gift than to go along!

These are just a few ideas to give a great Christmas gift to your man this year. Remember men are happy with pretty much any gift if it's from the person they love, don't over-think it too much!

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