Wednesday, 30 June 2010

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Back to Nigerian home videos, I love watching Nigerian movies not necessarily cuz most of them are lame but because in some of the stupidity you get a few lessons… I seem to have watched a number of Yoruba movies and I must add in as much there’s not one without a babalowo being consulted they seem to make more sense than their English counterparts….Take a good look at the comedy in them when babasuwe and Jenifa did “BABA JAIYE JAIYE” (shake it baby shake it baby old fool, shake it baby shake it baby monster) or Funke Akindele’s JENIFA, I have never till date seen any English movie match up to that, an English movie comedy must have Aki and paw paw in it or Okey bakasi or this Mr ibu, how can I forget Nkem owoh(Osufia in London) and the truth is that these people are not funny as in won tie bosi(they don’t make it)…The problem with Nigerian movies in general most times the English ones is that they use the same old people for the same old thing personally I think there should be variation,,,,if u give me a movie that has Kanayo .O. Kanayo I know in the movie if he is not using his body part for ritual he is using his whole family and like wise Jim Iyke with his American boy wannabe swagger which most times doesn’t cut it, there should be versatility in the sense that you cant really know what a person can do if you keep the person stereotyped, one person I admire though not necessarily a big fan of her’s is Genevieve Nnaji she cuts across every role from being a Bitch to be a young girl in love, to being a mother and wife she puts it all into play and has a calm demeanor about it which makes it look surreal same with a Joke and Olu Jacobs, Rmd and these are the very few in the industry among an atom of others that are able to diversify…. I hear and have seen that Jenifa two is around and am wondering what for??????, from my own point of view its going or how I think the part two would be” Jenifa would turn a new leaf and find a way to manage the hiv, maybe tush herself up abroad, the other girl that was smelling would be able to find a cure for her anus..lwkmd, then the other one who turned a new leaf first would be able to bear children..Maybe gbogbo bigs girl would be caught when shes trafficking the girls because to me I really don’t see the essence of a part 2…One movie I highly recommend is irapada the director Kunle Afolayan I must admit tries a lot, he shoots with celluloide abi is it cellulite not 35mm, and he is very good I have watched the part one very good story line and just haven’t had the time to watch part two, I suggest u get ur copy, another from this director is figurine(I have seen the preview and he tried) In as much as Nigerian movie industy churns out movies by the second that are equally stupid by the second there are a few sensible ones among them and we should encourage these people by buying the “original copies” to reduce piracy because its killing the market.........

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