Wednesday, 30 June 2010

just saying

I was talking to my dad yesterday and I must admit he is a clown, cant remember the topic or line of thought and the next thing I heard him say was ‘TI E BA E DOT COM”.. meaning ur own don catch you(am still laughing) to me it was just too funny I was practically rolling on the floor with laughter and then I actually thought about what the statement meant, it just funny how we can think up some sentences…but then there is no place like Naija….
Here are a few:
1.Omugo long form for the word mumu(my friend told me something and i think I was acting like a jjc and the next thing he and he said…”OMUGO GOES TO SCHOOL”…I had never felt so stupid…..

2.Am on to the next p.

3.If ur still doing that one,ur on a long thing.

4.Soldier go,soldier come barracks no dey move

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