Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Finally our very own NEW YORK FILM SCHOOL/ACADEMY IS HERE in form Royal Arts Academy birthed by Emem Isong the talented Producer of RELOADED,GUILTY PLEASURES to mention a few and it is set to raise new stars

After years of long wait for a movie academy that can produce professionals to fit in and take the place of retiring actors, directors and screen-writers, stakeholders in the Nigerian movie industry need not wait any longer as the Royal Arts Academy, a novel movie academy, takes up the challenge of producing world class actors, directors and screen writers.

Though an art academy, the arts school is not just about teaching, it is about empowerment, the academy teaches students how to write, act, produce films and know about how to go around in getting roles in the market. The academy will basically concentrate on screen acting while also employing visual aids.

Uduak Isong Ogboamana the director of the academy explains: “We use a lot of visuals; we watched Last King of Scotland, we discussed the character interpretation, why the film was successful, why the lead actor won an Oscar? The academy also has an array of English teachers dedicated basically to the students. The principal explains that this is to enhance their proficiency in acting. She explains that the inclusion of the English language in the academy’s curriculum is to help those who don’t know how to say things right so we have English teachers who are dedicated to screen writers and students.”

The academy is a certificate giving institution with an up-to-date library which boasts of the latest books and other audio-visual aids that will enhance acting skills. More information can be gotten at the academy’s web site www.royalartsacademy.com. So if you are interested in being a movie director,scrip writer, actor/actress i suggest this for you... Big ups to Emem

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