Saturday, 10 July 2010


I remember back in the days(bout 5yrs ago) when i used to do internships(while i was in college) and i was young well still am and all the guys in the places i worked in used to solicit my attention and at a point it looked like the babes i was with didn't exactly find it funny,in fact some of them were out rightly mean....At first i used to be a mumu and do all their bidding but one day i couldn't take it again and just became me(i gave them my piece of mind were necessary and though it wasn't admired it drove home the point)
Sometimes i think and say why don't i have a boyfriend or why am i not in a relationship and then i actually analyze and i come to the conclusion that in as much as i want a relationship am in it because i want to be with someone when i go out, that i bbm whenever ,that calls me up and all not necessarily because its the right time and then seriously i wonder why you have to go out with 100 guys when you are going t SAY I DO t one person,its just amazing but then again i cant base my judgment on only my ideologies...
Singleness is actually a gift,it allows you re-define yourself,find out exactly who you are, what you can handle and what you cant handle,it allows you also build yourself more in God and allows you to groom yourself to be a better woman,i used to pray that God should give me the perfect man(if you see the definition of my Mr right, u might think am a dreamer)but now i ask God to make me the perfect woman for my husband(that way you kill two birds with one stone)
Ladies, single ladies enjoy your singleness welle welle because when u become MRS its not about you anymore its the both of you and trust me it can take a while to adjust to that..
So to all my SINGLE LADIES,put Ur hands up and wave it like you just dont care

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