Saturday, 10 July 2010


The Abaga brothers are talented, yep what they don't have in height they make for in brains and music,I had to listen to Jesse Jagz album again and i must admit ITS OTTTT!!!!,he is very talented like wise his Indomitable brother(ND HE(JESSE JAGZ) HAS MY VOTE FOR THAT BEST NEWCOMER MUSIC AWARD).

Banky w (were*mad man*) as my papa thinks he originally means is talented, Ejo(please), at first i thought he was just a copy cat taking off rihannas umbrella but definitely adding his own mix to it and then most recently Knaan's waving flag song and i found out,he is not just adapting these songs he is making sense and music off them and thereby being proudly Nigeria..Even though i have my commas bout this dude(in terms of his attitude),OLUBANKOLE WELLINGTON IS A man of talents and i pray he only gets better cuz i have never stopped feeling it and it continually does me strong things @ Lagos parties.

Lami Phillips is one young woman to watch out for, i listened to her album and though its not an 80% she tries, aside the wardrobe malfunctions,Aunt Lami looks like shes getting to the top in baby steps and we @ HOMEMADE ENTERTAINMENT wish her the best.

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