Monday, 12 July 2010

Decorations-------.Giving life

Sometimes you imagine in your head how your future house will be(the living room(s), kitchen,the dining area) and all sorts of ideas come into your head, some people cant be bothered with all these as long as they have a place to lay their head, food to eat and TV to watch and trust me people do this in only one room and u guessed right the bedroom and i must say this place ends up looking like some tornado hit it because everything is juggled up thereby leaving all other parts in the house very idle but to others decoration/interior designing is a lifestyle and they make good bucks out of it....U don't have to have a million naira to decorate or design your house or worse still make it look like an art museum or a rainbow u can have it simple and nice with basic ideas, a good but mild mixture of colors and mild arts because there is class in simplicity ...I have been to a number of houses(family and friends). and you enter the house and your spirit is dampened not because of the people in the house but the ambience,the decorations, the interior desinging of the house.. I have been to a couple of weddings and seen some pictures in magazines and some have been utterly fabulous and other blinding because of too many colours: imagine a wedding where the color of the day is green yellow and red and i dont mean mild i mean blood red,and the bride decides that because they are her favourite colours she wants to have a touch of each of them on her wedding dress(it was utterly hilarious, i just couldnt fathom it) then to top it all of her brides maids and maids of honor wore red dresses, yellow shoes and hadgreen handbags(i almost fainted with laughter) and you can imagine 10 girls all strutting their stuff when they are dancing into a reception it was just.......... or a house in a bid to be decorative decides to have paintings all over the pace evn inside the kitchen, and then arts and craft from every tribe in Nigeria adorning the place9when we got into the house i innocentl asked the man if his house served as a store hwere he sold arts and crafts because the thing just plenty(pidgin English)Pink for me goes any day any time and its so heavenly i love colors and i have seen quite a number of beautiful edifices, you should just drive round lekki phase 1 and you would seee some BEAUTIFUL houses and interior designing and some not so beautiful... You dont neccessarily have to g to school t study interior decorating but you can just develop the knack for designing

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