Thursday, 1 July 2010


HEART OF A LION, YES WILL WE TRIUMPH, YES WE WILL SOAR, WE ARE SUPER EAGLES FLYING, IF WE BELIEVE IT WE CAN ACHIEVE IT, DEM NO FIT TAKE US, DEM NO FIT BREAK US, REPPING FOR NAIJA, PRIDE OF OUR NATION this are the words of d mix of K'Naan song adapted by Banky w feat Mi.... Yes the boys had hearts of a lion, but triumph they didn't do,it was a terrible sight at the first two matches and you wonder were the boys prepared or they just came from their various clubs and converged on the plane(UNCLE KANU NWANKWO SHOULD PLEASE GO AND REST AS HE HAS MORE THAN CONTRIBUTED IMMENSELY TO NIGERIAN FOOTBALL...THANK U SIR)But lets give VINCENT ENYEAMA HE TRIED OH!!!!DEM NO FIT TAKE US,DEM NO FIT BREAK US was exactly what Argentina and Greece did and despite the draw with Korea we had to leave because of the past failures...One particular annoying part of the match was when YAKUBU AYEGBENI was directly in front of the goal post and he missed i could have scored that goal,at that point i went to sleep as all hope was lost.... I suggested LARS LAGGERBACK bother not coming back to Nigeria because he definitely was going to be the butt of jokes alongside his "SUPER PLAYERS"....OUR VERY SUPER PRESIDENT DECIDED TO GIVE OUR SUPER BOYS A MAGNANIMOUS SUPER PUNISHMENT BY BANNING THEM FROM INTERNATIONAL MATCHES FOR TWO YEARS,D guy for just ban them till after 2014, but is this super punishment really wise, will it make the boys better???? Most of them are not based in Nigeria and are off to their various clubs after the world cup is over so we wonder did Mr President make a SUPER CHOICE...HMMMMM????


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iyaniwura said...

Yor writeup capture the feelings of Nigerians is such a personal and captivating manner. Love reading your fun thoughts on serious and everyday issues.