Thursday, 1 July 2010

TI WON BA WON .................. COM meaning their own has caught them..

Its the 1st of july and am exciteddddddddddddddddd yipeeee, because its 4months to my birthdayy and not only because of that but because finally the rules and regulations are being enforced on the motorcycle riders popularly known as OKADA today,some of the rules include: no more driving okadas without a helmet, no more carrying more than one passenger, no more carrying of pregnant women and children and best of all they most obey all traffic lights(m particularly excited about this one because, before now you see okadas moving about and beating traffic light and you that your supposed to move they would now eye or abuse you..chei m so excited i can now stick out my tongue at all their sorry asses...LAUGH WON KILL ME DIE...OK away from the comical part of it, its high time the dudes show some discipline and i must say 98% of them have been following the rules well considering what i have seen and am seeing...Ti won ba won own catch them well well)

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