Saturday, 10 July 2010


Its just funny how you like this particular guy or babe and you want them to be yours and the person on the other hand doesn’t even send you or just cant be bothered and when this guy or babe finally has your time or wants to spend time with you (even after you say what nonsense who does he/she think he is? I will not pick up the call and what not) u just run into their arms not necessarily because your desperate but because you don’t want the person to go away just like that, and you have the best day(s) or week ever and then the person disappears again or something.. Its just funny how there's someone that likes you, in fact loves you to shreds and this other one that just intrigues you and you can seem to get enough of…. What an amazing world we live in, even God himself says among the things that amaze him is the relationship between a man and woman…………

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