Saturday, 10 July 2010

Just speaking the truth

Must everybody sing i don't get it, just because somebody or people from your tribe/squad is/are making money doesn't mean you too you will make money...Till date i respect DON BABA J(DON JAZZY)he is the brain box behind MOHITS he does not deceive himself to say he wants to release his own single(S) because if he does.......
Ehen as we were saying i was listening to some guys cd and he said in one of the songs "MY ALBUM IS MORE ANTICIPATED THAN BARACK OBAMA" i had to abruptly stop the car and regain consciousness from my Laughter as did my girls because the songs was just OP and the album did not make sense as in ko ti e bosi, i thought a remix meant you change some words of the song or do something but our very own Dr... did a RE BEAT and am sure all the winchis left cuz there was nothing to winch, even the champagne grew tired of it being popped, so pls if you want to make music dont do it for the money do it because you have something sensible to say

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