Sunday, 15 August 2010


To be fore warned is to be fore armed is the case of Kajola,my friends had warned me not to see it that it was a waste of money and time but being very open to new ideas i decided to go and see it.Brief Synopsis: The story is about Allen a rebel leader who learns that the NEW NIGERIAN POLICE AND GOVERNMENT" want to build cities on the mainland and destroy the remaining survivors to create a "NEW NIGERIA"because as it was everything was destroyed
Got into the Palms and went upstairs to get the ticket and out of curiosity i asked the babe how many people are in the theater,she said 9 and i just said OK,nothing new maybe people are whiling away time because of the 15mins advert.
And then the movie started,useless is an understatement,the film looked like street fighter of 1997 and even if we want to analyze the movie well street fighter was better, there was a particular girl that seemed to be new in the movie industry and she looked too stupid,acting was horrendous,everything about the movie was just horrible.The producers basically copied and pasted the scenery(utterly blinding) behind the characters..I already have a headache writing about these and please somebody should advise Uncle Brother Daddy Desmond Elliot that he should stick to acting not directing and his latest singing...Pls we can only take so much

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