Saturday, 14 August 2010

Say NO to NUTS!!!! by Princess Roberts

Imagine a three year old boy who spies a bowl full of chocolate covered nuts, he smiles a toothless smile and runs over to the bowl and is about to have one when his mother runs swiftly over, picks up the bowl and shakes her head. He looks at her pleadingly,she tells him he cannot have any and puts the bowl on a high table where he cannot reach it.he pulls at her skirt and pleads with her but she still shakes her head,he promises in the best way that a three year old can that he will not ruin his dinner and that he will have only one and that he will put away his toys and be good and quiet all afternoon and the answer is still NO
So you’re thinking: Why is this mother so heartless? What is the harm in letting him have just one chocolate covered nut?
Well, this lovely little boy is deathly allergic to nuts and is also lactose intolerant. Just one bite of a tiny little nut will cause his throat to close up and his lips to swell up and could end his life within minutes. So while he is struggling to breathe, he has to deal with pain, flatulence and dizziness. His mother cannot explain this to him because he will not understand or will not grasp the gravity of it. So she has to continue to refuse him the chocolate nuts.
If this three year old boy were to be able to articulate perfectly his feelings at the time, he would tell his mother that she was very wicked and insensitive to prevent him from having something that would make him the happiest boy on earth.What kind of a mother would do that to a child, he would ask?
Now, you’re thinking: Wait a minute. This child is delusional. Of course chocolate nuts won’t bring eternal happiness and all that rubbish to him. He will have one and then want another and then another until the bowl is finished, and then in a couple hours, he will want some more chocolate or will have lost interest in the bowl and want something else to fill his curiosity.Forget fantasy and eternal happiness,this child cannot even have these nuts.
But that child is all of us and that mother is God. When He tells you that you cannot do something, do you listen? Or do you go into a sulk or throw a tantrum and question His grace, mercy and love? Do you cry to Him asking why you cannot have that job promotion, migrate to that country, marry that man/woman, have that male child, sleep with your boyfriend/girlfriend, wear those clothes, etc. Do you get up and decide that you are going to do it anyway? And then after suffering, going to the hospital to have your throat opened up again and stomach pumped, do you then crawl back to him sheepishly, filled with gratitude that He will never say ‘I told you so’? Do you then wish you saved yourself an awful lot of trouble by just listening to Him? Do you feel terrible for calling Him a bad Father when He was trying to protect you? Or should you just be patient and obey him

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this is d most wonderful thing i've read in long time...