Saturday, 14 August 2010


I am Nigerian and proudly so and can only look for ways in which i can commit my own quota to the betterment of the nation,but those guys sitting up there make it a herculean task..
Some years ago when the beggars on the street used to beg they did it subtly that even if you planned on not giving them u just had to because you were moved,but now these people beg with aggressiveness, if you dont turn to look at them when they knock on the window they begin to bang or lick the window(what rubbish),i dont even answer them anymore(yes some of you might say its mean but sometimes its the way forward,i work for my money so if i dont want to give, NA BY FORCE? Of recent those miscreants (and am not sorry for my use of English) that parade traffic washing windows with what they call soap and some stick and foam have formed the habit that when they finish washing and you dont give them money they would pour soap on your windscreen or bang the car and in my mind i say(owo e lo ma dun e) for my non Yoruba speaking readers it means "NA YOUR HAND GO PAIN YOU".Basically everybody expects that you have to work for them but please if you dont work you cant eat(if you cant live with that third mainland isn't far off)...
Nigerians are being ripped off,we dont know our rights so we just take everything that comes our way, when your family member tells you that there is light(half or full current) you get scared,can u imagine,some people i know have actually gone to the bank to change N5000 to smaller denominations to give to the beggars with guns sorry i meant POLICE,We have done "LIGHT UP NIGERIA CAMPAIGN", SENT LETTER TO SENATE OR THE PRESIDENCY AND YET NOTHINC HAS CHANGED!!!!! Have u noticed that when we cant bribe our way true something(and yes dont form that you dont know what am talking about)we become angry because its the way of life,it has become a way of life...We expect the leaders to steal money but do something that when you leave office you have something to be remembered for,all the murder cases that involved high personalities have gone unsolved,all the top-shots that are in EFCC would soon be released(its only a matter of time) and the case would be closed,corruption has eaten deep into our system and has become the watch word for the nation...IN NIGERIA ITS "MONEY TALKS BULLSHIT WORKS"...In as much as we talk and talk and talk we have to keep praying for Nigeria and do our own part for the betterment of the country

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