Saturday, 14 August 2010


The NFA have opened talks with Simon Siasia in a bid to hire him to coach the super eagles seeing that he is a coach or repute(i guess) but Ahmodu Shiabu has argued that the likes of Steven Keshi should also be allowed to opportunity for the post...I want to outline or better put ask a few questions:

1.Did Steven Keshi indicate interest in coaching the super eagles to Ahmodu or he is being a very patriotic Nigerian "knowing the needs of the football sector"?

2. If STEVEN did we are in a "DEMOCRATIC" nation he should come out and voice his ambition.Abi?

3.Is Ahomdu Shiabu using style style to say he wants to be coach? *straight face*

4.Are they really interested in coaching Nigeria's National team or is interested in COACHING THE MONEY *STRAIGHT FACE*.

I am not a football fanatic but i try small,lets analyze these questions and actually conclude rightly

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