Friday, 17 September 2010


Hannington has been evicted from the Big Brother House. M-Net spokeswoman Lani Lombard said Hannington Kuteesa breached the show's rules by assaulting contestant Lerato Sengadi on Tuesday, which prompted the channel to unilaterally evict him rather than allowing viewers to vote on it. Rights groups and viewers had called for his dismissal over the assault.

First and foremost Lerato started the whole thing, she was swearing her head off and in Hannington's face as well. Agreed Hannigton should have had a bit of patience or walked off,Never the less Lerato deserved the shove ,i seriously wish it was a slap..How can you keep insulting and insulting then you go up to his face and start blabbing(if na me i go slap the taste off your mouth)..He apologized to everybody and Lerato individually(Big brother did not try at all oh!!!) why didn't the human rights activist for women address anything that Lerato did SHIO(meaning rubbish), absolute nonsense.. If Hannington has left Lerato should take her leave too because she instigated the whole thing...

Please a note of warning should be given to Paloma to SHUT UP!!!! aaaahn what is it? i have a feeling her brain is in her ass and is lost in there,If her father is not a minister,she is vying for Governorship post or Her brothers wife sisters cousins died from physical abuse(babe shut up!!!)

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