Thursday, 18 November 2010


The Super Falcons, won the 2010 CAF Women's Championship that held in South Africa and returned home in high spirits only to be welcomed home by a truck that is being used to carry Mmeee(ram),it is very appauling,this women worked their asses off and did the country proud and what the NFF deemed fit to carry them was with a truck lasan lasan(ordinary)The Nigerian football association is full of fellows with misplaced priorities,i still cant get over the fact that they used a truck i dont know whether they thought by putting Coca-cola banner they would beautify it...Rubbish and nonsense..Pls share your thoughts

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iyaniwura said...

this action to convey the falcons with this 'thing' is an excellent reason for some people in NFA to loose their job. PERIOD. until nigeria have creative leaders who have their brains well placed in the right place in their head we will never get out of this 16th century way of doing things.