Thursday, 18 November 2010


"It is very offensive to call Nigeria ‘Naija’. We are making plans to write companies to stop using the word Naija. I have heard that name Naija in adverts. I want them to go back and remove that word. If anybody says this is Naija, ask the person, 'Where is Naija?' We have to stop this word because it is catching up with the young. If we don't put a stop to its usage now, it will continue to project us wrongly.” - Minister of Information and Communication, Prof. Dora Akunyili.

At first when i heard this statement i thought it was a joke until i finally read it,Nigeria is a democratic nation and when last i checked Democracy is a government of the people,by the people and for the people,it is my country as well as it is hers
i do not see any reason why aunty Dora will tell me what to call my country..Its either one of this two
a. Work has finished in the ministry of information and communication.
b.She just wants to talk.

So a company like NIGEZIE should now be called Nigeria, or Etisalat should now be 080Nigeraa(OFF POINT)i dont understand whether they dont get that it all adds to who we as Nigerians as....As much as aunt Dora doesn't like it,i will say it I AM PROUD TO BE NAIJA!!! ROGER THAT!!! What are your thoughts on this


Anonymous said...

this woman with a lot of bravado was an achiever at nafdac. excellent! but, as minister of information and commentator on issues she's a BOMB and a scratching gramaphone. dora and her likes' value system are at variance with where this country should be in future. with 'leaders' like this wanting to remain relewant post 2011, get ready for more bravado and backward thinking....

Anonymous said...

This woman is itching to talk,how can you tell me what or whatnot to call my country

Ogunnowo said...

She's just really doesnt have a clue as 2 wat she needs 2 rebrand. Shikena