Monday, 20 December 2010


I am sorry to say,infact i am not, What the hell how can the president of a country keep people in traffic for over 3hrs? As am writing,Jonathan is in Eko hotel and suites sitting down in some Mtn conference and has blocked the whole road with his stupid mopol and the whole road of Eko hotel is free.How can you do that to thousand of Nigerians,its just wrong,so so wrong that you keep people in a standstill because your the president.This man isnt using his name right at all.Am going to put up some pics.Everyone has switched off their engines and are just coming out and jisting...The pictures are a bit blurry but here is what traffic looks like.Thats how the other day people couldnt travel because Jonathan was traveling and he hadn't even come to the airport. If PDP thinks they would win elections in Lagos in 2011,they are on a jonzing P!!!!


Anonymous said...

he is a goat,see how im resemble monkey

Anonymous said...

common sense is not common,goodluck my foot

Anonymous said...

so much for change.....the more u look the more things remain the same.