Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I got this list from Femme lounge and am loving it because i havent tried a quarter of the list..So i am looking forward to doing new things.

29. Attend a funeral. It has a way of reminding us that life in finite, and tells us we should treasure every moment we have on earth.

28. Bath under a waterfall, climb a mountain, or drive through a game reserve. Whatever you do make sure you see nature at its best, like you have never done before.

27. Be the answer to someone’s prayer and a solution to someone’s problem. Guide the lost stranger, feed the poor, teach the ignorant, serve a sick person breakfast in bed, and maybe give your maid a day off.

26. Do you have a favorite author, designer, actor or musician? Write a fan letter to all your favorites and send it to them. Some will get it, some never will.

25. Face your Fears. If you hate crowd then by all means go to a stadium, if you are afraid of having all eyes on you then go to sing at a karaoke bar, and if you are afraid of teddy bears, go to bed with twenty! You will discover that Fear is really what it is – False Evidence Appearing Real!

24. Find a reason to throw a party and invite everyone you really want to be there, it could be to celebrate your birthday, or even your break up, or just because it’s another Friday! Have fun being celebrated.

23. Find your passion and be involved in a cause. Donate your time, money or even blood. Volunteer with organizations working in that field and help spread the word too.

22. Forgive someone. Make a deliberate decision to forgive someone that had hurt you in the past, let go of your pain and bitterness, whether the person is sober or not.

21. Have a junk food day! Spend a whole day eating all the junk food you love without feeling guilty.

20. Keep a gratitude journal. Don’t be carried away by your never ending to do lists. Take time out to count your blessings and be grateful to life for every progress you make

19. Learn not to say yes when you what you want to say is really no. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

18. Learn something new. Salsa dance, how to make apple pie or even how to speak Spanish. Add a new knowledge to yourself and meet other people who share the same interest.

17. Love yourself, Love others too. Don’t hold back all you can give and be to yourself and to others. Love without fear.

16. Listen to elderly people’s story of what life was like when they were younger; let them tell you about their regrets and victories, and what they would do differently if they have a new shot at life.

15. Make a collection of everything you love in a scrap book. Insert picture of your favorite actress, your favorite chocolate wrapper, a ribbon from your old sexy lingerie and even your favorite bible passage.

14. Make a list of all those who have touched your live positively and you will be really surprised how long the list could be. Send them a mail, a text or postcards to appreciate them.

13. Make friends with children, learn to communicate with them and understand what makes them tick. Experience what life is like in their world of possibilities.

12. Make new friends and stay in touch with old ones. Get connected with a childhood friend that you haven’t seen in a long time and visit her.

11. Plant a flower or vegetable, in a garden, at your backyard or in a jar. Nurse it and watch how it changes from a seedling to a full grown plant.

10. Put on your best clothes, have a makeup done on you and have a photo shoot. You know how you admire models in magazines and try out different poses in front of a mirror? Now go do it without inhibitions, express yourself before a camera.

9. Reflect on your greatest weakness, and your greatest strength and how they can make you a better person.

8. Re-visit your favorite childhood books, movies and music. What really made you tick when you were younger?

7. Send a message to an unknown person. Write something, put it in a bottle, close it and throw it in the ocean, hoping someone, someday will get it.

6.Sleep under the stars. When was the last time you look at the sky and marvel at the beauty? Spend a night looking at the stars and sleep off while admiring the sky.

5. So what if you get lost? You will find you way again! Throw the map out and go on a drive in an area near you that you don’t know well, explore the area and figure out how it’s all connected till you find your way again.

4. Spend a day at the beach with your loved ones. Run, swim, eat, laugh and build an elaborate sand castle.

3. Spice up your sexual life. Take a break from the old routines. Try out new and daring things in your sexual life.

2. Take a vacation from the world. Switch off your phones, log off the internet, and spend time alone with yourself doing the things you love.

1. Talk to God. You might not fully understand the role He plays in your life, or what He really expects from you, maybe it’s time to unravel the mystery, talk to Him and listen to Him.


Anonymous said...

21 is bad for your heart baby. junk food is a no no pls. do the others but don't do 21.


thank u