Thursday, 6 January 2011


I am very careful when it gets t the issue of God and churches because you really dont know the next thing that you would say that would be considered not right...But this particular one,i need to speak.

Christ Embassy Church in Lagos, had their annual cross over service into the year 2011 but this one was different as members were made to part with N1, 000 each as gate fee before they could enter their church to attend the New Year’s Eve service, P.M.NEWS can reveal. P.M.NEWS confirmed that only members who could afford the N1, 000 gate fee were allowed into the premises of Christ Embassy Headquarters at Oregun, Lagos, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, preached on 31 December 2010.
Members who could not afford the N1, 000 tickets, were denied access and sent back by security men at the gate, it was learnt. The church, a source said, realized about N25 million from about 25, 000 members who bought the tickets. It was gathered that the church informed its members that it decided to impose a gate fee to control the huge crowd that always besiege the church on the New Year’s Eve church service.

“Pastor said that to control the crowd and only allow genuine members who could do anything to be in church, it was good to pay a gate fee. Na wa oh! i dont know whether when God is giving out blessings he asks us to pay a token,i wont be surprised if churches would be on the stock exchange soon.


Anonymous said...

Ha! the signs of end-time!

It just behooves me how some people can easily be brainwashed!...smh

I just can't get over the 'stupidity' of Nigerians sometimes!

made a cool 25mil!..he should be taxed by the govt since it's now a profit making organisation.

p.s...tnx so much for the gift...i really appreciate it....hope you got the address?

Anonymous said...

christ embassy is a creative church. the pastor... a very dramatic artist/pastor/entertainer. but really,is there anthing really wrong in paying a gate fee 4special service? this fee in other churches is disguised in other offering options/styles. did people not pay 2buy 'experience' handbands tshirt and other accessories?. face it, church is some sort of business and moving forward 'the word' is not cheap.

Chizzy D said...

these prosperity ppl..preaching this false gospel of money.

P.E.T. Projects said...

This is just so depressing, especially when u think about the fact that salvation (the essence of christendom) is free!
*huge sigh* said...

nice written