Friday, 7 January 2011


Mallam Lamido Aminu Sanusi has been named as the Central Bank Governor of 2010 for both the African continent and the entire world, by the prestigious Banker Magazine.

The editor of the magazine, Brian Caplen, says that few candidate names generate an overall consensus on judging panels, and yet, when it came to finding the best global central bank governor of the year, Mr Sanusi was chosen unanimously.

The 49-year-old was appointed head of the Bank of Nigeria in June 2009 and he has been praised for salvaging a crumbling Nigerian financial sector, including implementing reforms that have put Africa's most promising market back on the map for global investors.

The magazine's country representative, Kunle Ogedengbe, stresses that Mr Sanusi embarked on a radical anti-corruption campaign aimed at saving 24 banks on the brink of collapse.

He also pressed for the managers involved in the most blatant cases of corruption to be charged, and, in the case of two senior bankers, convicted.

"The reforms initiated by Mr Sanusi have been necessary to sanitize the banking industry," Mr Ogedengbe says.

"Had these reforms not been initiated, Nigeria would have entered into another round of banking distress."

No wonder his reforms are called the Sanusi Tsunami

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation sir! YOU DESERVE IT.