Thursday, 13 January 2011


A couple of times on Africa Magic i have seen the #Jonathan-Sambo advert abi na campaign on TV and they started by saying "Yaradua and Jonathan were elected to rule the people of Nigeria now Yaradua is gone Jonathan would take over from where he stopped and implement the good works he started. Do you want a country that theres no abject poverty,do you want a country where your children can live freely,do u want a nation where those that want to work can work,do you want a country where there is no robbery strife and everyone lives in peace and harmony?". And i sit back and am wondering,isnt this the same thing they have been saying since,nothing has gotten better,when you have light in your house you pray that they take it because the current is low,you pay for water corporation to supply water to your house even after the payment you have no water,you call 911 abi police and they tell you Oga/madam we no get petrol for our car,give the robbers wetin dem want na,every Ngozi,shola and uduak would want you to tip them even if they give u the worstest of services.
All these have transcended into our personal lives,the first word that comes out of a baby's mouth is "stupid or fool",you cannot get anything done without bribing at least one person,when you try to do something legitimate you are frowned at and looked upon as an outcast. Of late the killings in Jos and other northern states have been unbearable i remember the other night the only thing that kept re-appearing in my head was how these people had plans for their lives and all of a sudden in the name of "religious wars" it was cut short,Nigeria has become a country where there is no truth bribery and corruption reeks everywhere,what happened to supporting ourselves,its so frustrating when you tell people this is what i plan to do and they say at 21 who would listen to you and i just keep all my thoughts and plans of my business to myself,what happened to one man sticking to one wife why do men go out and cheat,women aren't left out either(if you cant stay in your marriage and are always complaining opt out if not stick to the person)Goddam it!!!,you call yourself an elder in church yet you sleep with young girls,what happened to training your children to be useful for you,themselves and the society at large,why do we always lie to ourselves in order to prove that we are big boys or girls,why cant we just be real,why cant we just take people as they are and love them but first love ourselves because you can never love another if you dont love yourself.

Nigeria is a country filled with milk and honey,i call Nigeria Gods own country,God loves us so much yet we dont tap into the love,we have never had natural disasters, they have always been man made,why cant we channel this energy into positivity,why can we channel this energy into rebuilding this nation? One person cant do it alone,Fela Durotoye cant do it alone neither can the Future Nigeria we all need to stand as one body and be the change we want to see.Nigeria is a country with great potentials and greater people lets all work together and move us forward.I am Omoyeni Disu,i am the Future Nigeria and frankly #ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


lola said...

HME,yo have done it again oh! on point,as in this has been my best read,straight from the heart..its what i would call #GBAM

Anonymous said...

l hate to say it...but the more you look the more things remain the same. it will take scores of years for things to change for good. u cant av this level of poverty and u expect people 2do good...judt like that. it is not gonna happen....sorry

Anonymous said...

SO true! true!...very insightful.

Please May i copy & paste it on my blog?...tnxx:)