Sunday, 26 June 2011


First and foremost i have lost all respect for the Silverbird group and this MBGN thing,for Christ sake who heard these ladies speak,i was in total shock. When they asked them question the top 5 most especially i felt all sorts of numbness,the only people i thought made sense was the girl that was asked the things she would do immediately she won the crown and then Ms Lagos(not because she is from my state or anything) but because she made a little sense. Also the designer for Ms Lagos dress should be flogged as in how far, and why did most of them have wedding dresses i thought it was called show case of evening gowns? These girls are going to be representing us outside the world and these are what the judges have picked,too bad...Education needs to be given top priority oh! because it might seem funny now but we are the same ones,govt included that would abuse these girls when they go to represent us abroad.

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