Sunday, 26 June 2011


Some of the performances yesterday night ehn,i reserve my comment. But one that seemed to really tick people off was Wande coal,here are a few tweets to buttress the fact:

RT @bbellgam: Ok lynxx jus killed it… We can all agree that wande coal‘s career ended when that picture of him leaked online.

RT @datGuyKOFO: Pls go tell Wande Coal to watch Lynxx…dis na performance

D.E.E.L.A.M.I DeeLami Wande Coal….I’m still fighting with words from my mouth…how could you ??!! #MBGN2011

Akintomide omofolabo FhorlahspikeS: The difference is clear, lynxxx nd wande coal … Tush guy, mushin tug #mouthsealed

Diran phoenixfeet: Wande Coal u’ve bn served Utunuuuu!!!!

oluwole flamez flamezzzy: Wande coal should be ashamed of his performance tonite, he came on stage to play his CD. Psst

RT @Sharlewaaaaaa: Atlist lynxx is not as boring as wande coal…?

omziee His performance ws soo dry!!! RT @Mszini_Obienu: This wande coal cannot entertain true talk hustlndiva Wen he saw the gurls, he got confused…

:| ”@MO_BABEE: Dis Wande coal boy no dey try @ all,wt all his hit songs its ‘hu born d maga’ he saw

officiallybee RT @bhummy: Lmao!! RT @theSojmeister: Sage makes M.I. look like he’s related to Goliath!!
cute_lala99 Hehehe..dts jst meanRT @Psykes3D: #MBGN Wande Coal is performing! I’d be ashamed 2b there if I were him considering the size of his dick!

Mr_Edgal wande coal’s sister? RT @SheriphSkills: This Ms. Oyo black sha! Blame it on the amala #MBGN about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

Andarunz I hope Wande Coal won’t be paid for tat dead performance

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