Thursday, 11 August 2011


Wooohoooo its my personal person's birthday today, Tony Ochigbano. This dude right here is my very tight somborri and am so excited today is his day, a very powerful dresser and also the creator of the Tony Ochigbano clothing line(TOC) based in Abuja,he is the project manager at Reniola solutions and was one time administrator under the special adviser to the Senate president and an upcoming Forbes top 20.
God bless and keep u T,may the light of his countenance shine on you and yours,may he fulfill all your heart desires and grant you long life and prosperity in all areas. I love you booboo and oh! yeah single ladies he is taken so sorry no road here*sticking tongue out*


Anonymous said...

Clean Guyzz

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! Tony you are one of the nicest and honest guys of your time. You always deliver,your past record speaks volume,i know you are a lot more than that. Watch it! The Bill of our time. Wish u God's abiding grace and abundant blessings.