Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Whats been happening in London,like seriously,why are all these youth destroying property, looting everything and everywhere? This definetly has gone beyond a man being shot by the police without any reason*as they say* it has definetly gone overboard.

People sometimes are very brainless,i dont know why anybody thinks violence would solve anything it only makes matters worse,you say your jobless but then you keep destroying stuff thinking it would make the government provide jobs, una dey jonz because the only jobs you will be getting is cleaning the mess you created in and out of prison.

But pls this people really robbed places, who saw the Birmingham city center that particular Tesco, or the Barclays bank that was robbed, let alone the High street shops, Debnehams,Primark,phones4u, i hear say one girl wey dey work for curry robbed with her uniform.

They have arrested 250 and charged 25, i really hope this madness stops oh! because there is absolutely no need for this,i am very sure things can be sorted out amicably if everyone is just patient. But i have one question if it was in Nigeria everybody would say our govt is useless and that after how many years of independence we dont have a fire service unit that actually works properly but i now want to ask is it a Nigerian heading the fire service in London,una no go talk just dey look look.

And what about the game between Nigeria and Ghana today in London,and the 2012 Olympics??? Something has to be done oya David Cameron arrange yourself oh! because this is the 1st of its kind in the UK.I think he should have a meeting with some of the African leaders so they can get visa for some of our soldiers to just teach this people small lesson,if koboko enter one person body everybody go arrange.
And to all my people in the UK,pls stay safe oh! On a lighter note i hear say people dey tiff bread, shrimps even super malt.


Anonymous said...

very funny. but not a funny situation

Anonymous said...

unbelievable! ..i mean.....wait a minute, that chat btw mother & son was a joke right?....is it becox he is black?....well....i just duno, sis, i just dunno, am in a kind of shock.............would this not lead to more serious restrictions on immigrants?...

Anonymous said...

the conversation between mum and child is hilarious.