Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Its a bit of a long read but pls bear with me:
Sometimes i wonder, i can just sit down in the middle of work, school and just think about Nigeria and what ever happened to us. Where did we go wrong, who did we offend, why so much pain, hate?

When i'm driving down the road in lekki,its an eyesore,its either one lorry is parked in the middle of the road and has been parked there for two days or danfo's are just lined up on the streets anyhow in AN ESTATE OH!causing stupid traffic and we just move by the side cursing(sometimes why cant we just get towing trucks& get it moved???) yes it would cost u/me some 10 0r 15thousand naira but with that singular act you have saved yourself the hassle of waking up at 4am to beat traffic, getting to work late,getting a query(2days in a row) saved the kids another hassle of getting to school late,even saved you & other drivers from an accident,you can never tell.Its the little things we ignore that make up the bigger things.

This rape thing still lingers in my mind and i pray everyday that the holy spirit will whip those men to confession,i still cannot phantom the act,and some people open their beak holes to say that she should not have insulted them that she sort of asked for it and i asked "do you know what they did to her before she insulted them, do you know if they touched her breasts,smacked her ass or even abused her and made side remarks and she did same?" and they become speechless.

On this issue i have told someone that he is very dense to even think that rape is punishment for someone,like are you kidding me, its either your looking for cheap attention or your brain is in your anus nothing more,how can you even say such,how?

Maybe if its your sister you will tell her the skirt she wore was short or she shouldn't be driving so late in the night,wont the 1st thing you do or want to do is stab the idiots that even as much as slapped her,so what are you blabbing???

I wont lie in my hearts of hearts i want those men to be dipped in hot water then brought out and their skin scrapped with razor blades like we do for sallah goats(yes i know its gory but thats what i can think of for now)death by hanging is small oh! but i leave them to God's judgement.

What happened to being our brothers keepers, why do we hate ourselves so much, why do we backbite,lie to the front, back, side everywhere, you want to get to the top sharply so you destroy other peoples reputation and finally get there and your misery only gets worse,sometimes killing is even involved. These days you see people setting up their own kidnaps(yes it is true),house girl sleeping with oga and becoming madam and of recent a governor allegedly has been having an affair with his sis-in-law and she bore him a son, no shame whatsoever.

Sometimes you wonder why your friend or neighbor seems to be getting all the good things in life and it looks like your life is the same ol same ol, you really dont know what the person did to get there, what medium so dont even, just work hard and involve baba God

Pls lets start from ourselves,lets be the change we want to see,i know the govt has a major part to play but we as human beings must also position ourselves for help, why dont we start by not littering the ground(yes that piece of paper,pencil stub,tom tom wrapper shouldn't be thrown on the floor).

Dont come late for that event,meeting show,fashionably late isnt turning up 3hrs after,people that know me know i cant stand time wasters,if i tell you i'm starting something at 6, i would be there at all day to make sure everything is on point so i'm ready to welcome my guests even before the time and we kick off at 6 and if there would be anytime constraints i would let you know in time not 3mins 50secs to the time.

We as human beings dont understand the true definition of love thats why we just do anyhow, love is helping somebody and not exactly expecting anything in return(yes this is hard,and i'm guilty but we have to try) guaranteed some human beings are not appreciative and are very non-challant and their attitudes might drive you nuts but just have it at the back of your mind that nothing goes unrewarded in the eyes of baba God,how are you not so sure that the reason your alive is because you did something good for someone and God kept you alive.

Appreciate your family and friends,you never know what tomorrow holds,Life is short!

No one is an island,learn to mingle,share things,trust(err,we need to pray oh)because you never know what opportunity lies within the person your looking down on, dont always be quick to judge listen to all the sides of the story, be patient,slow to anger,angels dont necessarily have wings,they could in form of human beings sometimes, so its very important the way you treat people because sweety the same treatment would be meted out to you and in greater fold.

I'm in no way perfect but everyday i strive to be the best i can be with God,yea sometimes its hard and i want to give up but i know that theres no pain no gain,i'm too scared to carry cocaine, if i hold gun i would just start crying when the people begin to beg so i know i gats to work hard and make my money legitimately sooo therefore i have said all of that to say:I know i wrote an epistle but pls lets just endeavor to be change we preach.



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na wah o, HME, you are really 'sweet and sour' o.

combination of abuse, epe, blackmail and beg, na im full this you 'revelation according to the book of....(don't even know what to call it...)

be like say someone piss you off real good this afternoon or woke on wrong side of bed this morning.

anyway, but na true you talk sha.

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anony 14.39.

your are right o, this girley went from 'Genesis- Revelation' in this blog o.

me l don't even know which part of the story to comment on sef.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Yeni u vexed oh! But sadly enough all you said is true.

On the rape does the guy imply that the girls punishment is rape. Even in my office you see people sleeping with oga,madam,backbiting just to get to the top.

I feel u on people's attitude sometimes its frustrating but wetin man go do,na... Nice but true,I really like your blog,keep it up.



This is a wonderful piece. I tell you, the world we change when each of us change our ways. Until then, we'd have it just the way we're having it. And as you have rightly admonished; let each of us do our part to make our world a better place; and better still, our country.

Thank you once again :)


lande said...

its long but not boring,made a lot of sense. It all boils down to the fact that love makes the world go round, without love we are all basically dead.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, but its not just bout saying it,is bout doing it 2.