Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Ladies a girls second best friend is back and this time its in some show stopping Ankara heels and flats by ANI footwear,i absolutely love the flats(considering i hate heels).

The flats range from 8k-10k and the heels from 12k depending on how heely they are
The green heels go for 20k(not bad at all) you know you now have your own custom made louboutin's and the wine heels go for 12k and above.

To place an order call 0706-495-3469 or add bb pins 22F185BB AND 2264BB40
Perks of being a blogger i got the shoes a lil below half price*hehe, y'all better patronize oh!


Anonymous said...

if blogger get half price what about us the commentators? at least we are the 'customers' here and l should get half price too.

if l get half price, l will consider buying too.

if l don't comment there will be no blog to visit o

Anonymous said...

u go fear naija louboutins na,nice shoes

obute said...

the green heels are TLM shoes right? Cos i have that exact pair :)

Jelly Gamat Gold G said...

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