Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon’s Gigantic STUPIDITY

LWKMD. This man is indeed jobless, whats with all this senselessness in the name of English,does he think its cool and whats up with the trousers? Even if he doesnt pity himself he should pity his family and the abuses they would get.


Anonymous said...

this man is a clown.

and if he says he's not...

then he's nut.


Anonymous said...


wait o! does he truly wear his trousers like that?????

are we sure this guy is mentally stable??

LG said...

*holds laff* nawa o

Anonymous said...

He definetly don craze and I am really sure that's what the woman was thinking.its not cool anymore for him to be saying rubbish in d name of big grammar,such a joker