Wednesday, 7 September 2011


So by popular demand the story of how I lost weight.

If I tell you guys its the easiest thing it would be a big fat lie. I have always been a big child so it wasn't a biggie for me, I always used to eat almost every and anything and covered up with "its baby fat" I would lose it. Omo as I grew older it became adult fat oh! I wasn't as agile anymore,basketball had become a thing of the past and sleeping, waking,eating,working,more eating had become a way of life,my turning point was my final year in college,I was a size 22,I was trying a free size 14 top and it didn't go past my shoulders,I almost fainted,that day I cried and prayed to God for help.

The next day,i emptied my fridge and even had a party to give out everything so it won't waste and then I started eating carrots,apples and all but they were so annoying and un-sweet,why kill myself when there was kitKat,Oreo"s,fanta,burgers? but I made up my mind considering the fact that the doc said if I continued I would have diabetes and my sugar level was a whooping 500 when a normal persons own is 60-120.

Then one day one of my best friends Zaine told me as i was munching chicken,yoghourt,apple and rice(covers face,a thing of the past) babes "we need to work on this oh! and she's such a gentle person when she said it I smiled and continued eating but cried when I left her house,she even went as far as following me jogging round lekki. Then another friend Koyin said "Yeni you are fat"!!#gbam and when Koyin says stuff sometimes you would wish the ground opened up and swallows you.

So intense work began, I enrolled at pro flex gym with my dad,went twice everyday and had a personal trainers,Hussein then Faith those people can work someone out ehn I thought they hated me,but I knew no pain no gain. While in the gym i made some friends Yinx and Kenny, Yinx never for one day let me rest because any time i came into the gym"it was lets go,lets go" you can do it,i dont see you sweating"in that his Yankee accent* and in my mind i said*bobo yi leave me jor,be disturbing me,rubbish" but deep down i knew everyone was right and i was FAT!!! These guys have mad bodies and wanted me in form so i had to concur or they hit me with their towels and it was painful oh! but when Yinx started saying baby sis i'm proud of you i knew i was getting somewhere"and till date he doesnt stop telling me how proud he is of me,he is one of my closest friends) and ladies he is married with a beautiful son so dont be asking for nos.

I also stopped soda and started taking fresh juice and water(very cold) more fruits and gradually it happened I started losing the weight,I remember there were times when I got fed up because I couldn't see the results instantly. I would just take a burger,ice cream,cakes but then I realized I wasn't deceiving anyone but myself so I stuck to my game plan.

My dad also forced me to always walk with him in the morning and this made us better people and closer friends,my mum on the other hand made sure there was always fresh fish and vegetable soup with boiled plantain that's why till today fresh fish with vegetable and boiled plantain is one of my best foods.

When I knew I was getting somewhere was when I went out and my friends I hadn't seen in ages screamed and had tears and said"Yen Yen,we are so proud of u"and we all went out,I was so proud of myself needless to say my market increased oh! and I became the toast of town,with this my sexy voice,u want try*hehe*so when I heard someone say your one of the hottest single ladies and it was quite evident I was over elated.

So guys once in a blue moon I have a coke just to clear body, I eat little portions(I still like food well),loads of fish, grilled chicken and salads and pray oh(baba God na im double my effort). Its not easy but its worth it, not just for your physical appearance but health wise, so if I can do it you can too.

I'm so proud of myself,I can wear almost anything,go anywhere, be a very vibrant director and producer. Join a gym today,get a walking partner,cut fruits into small bits and put in a little bowl in your bag,take crackers too oh! And try nutri day yoghourt(introduced by Zaine) it works.

So a year and 3months later and 4 dress sizes down(2more to go) to get my perfect 12 plus my father has promised me something, so therefore I dey try, right now I dey even fast small small and pls involve God you will be surprised with your results and till date i still get comments on how hot i am,hehe.xo


LG said...

ah ahnn! No 'Before and 'After picture????

Gud job tho

9jaFOODie said...

Congratulation babes, loosing wight isn't easy. When you get to your desired size, try Power90 to get definition, it works like magic.




Anonymous said...


will-power and dedication at work.

very impressive.

l have always believe, no pain- no gain. you have done excellently well for your health.


Anonymous said...

pls don't loose weight by fasting alone. make sure you exercise too so that you are fit. but you have tried sha

Anonymous said...

Err anonymous 16:53. You no dey read ni, didn't u see she enrolled and goes to d gym and walks to. So ki lon so

Ibhade said...

awww, hi5! babe!

yep! am proud of you:)

Anonymous said...

wow, keep it up

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