Sunday, 11 September 2011


So here's another business opportunites for young Nigerians in it and their firms.

IT companies and technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria have been provided
the opportunity to become authorized resellers of Googe Nigeria. This
announcement was made by the Business Development Manager for English
speaking West Africa, Mrs Lola Masha.

According to Google Nigeria, as authorized resellers, IT entrepreneurs
will be able to sell, customize and provide technical support services for
Google Apps for businesses.this opportunity provided by Google Nigeria
will ensure that young IT entrepreneurs in Nigeria will create new streams
of revenue for their busineses as well as become promoters of cloud
computing in Nigeria.

Lola Masha explained, “Google is looking to partner with upwardly mobile
IT companies and entrepreneurs with a passion for technology and a strong
interest in evangelizing IT solutions to Nigerian businesses. Cloud
computing solutions make collaboration and information sharing easy,
helping people connect more effectively and work more efficiently. This is
a unique opportunity for forward looking businesses to be a part of the
new enterprise paradigm of real-time business collaboration and
information sharing in the clouds."

Nigerian IT entrepreneurs/businesses interested in partnering with Google
are advised to send an e-mail to, indicating their interest. Preference would be given
to young emerging companies with a global outlook, a strong culture of
professionalism, deep knowledge of on-premise messaging technology and a
familiarity with Google products. More information is also available at

About Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business, is Google's suite of messaging (email, calendar,
instant messaging, groups), collaboration (Google docs, sites, video for
business) and security solutions (spam-filtering, virus protection,
archiving, encryption) that brings simple and powerful communication tools
to organizations of any size - all hosted by Google to streamline setup,
minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs. The solution will be
customized for the business' domain (e.g

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