Monday, 12 September 2011


This is pure bullshit to me, what can make you beat a colleague be it a cleaner,driver or editor like that, it was so un warranted for. Abeg this Olisa should go and sit somewhere

"As has been widely reported, I was involved in an altercation with a work
colleague during the week. I am deeply regretful of what transpired and
have taken full responsibility for my actions. I have privately apologized
to my colleague, the team that I work with and I am taking this
opportunity to apologize to the public at large.

As humans we all make mistakes and I made a major one which is completely
out of character. I over reacted to a situation, and that is something
that will never repeat itself. Despite being at the centre of a media
feeding frenzy, I’ve been silent in order to allow the organization, to
which I am affiliated with and at whose premises the incident occurred, to
carry out its investigations and come to a conclusion. Most importantly,
to allow the aggrieved party (Mr. Adewunmi Oyekanmi) time to accept my
heartfelt apology.

While the events have been distorted, I am very apologetic about the
situation. Picking holes in the media reports or pointing out the
falsehoods will not be useful, however, any kind of loss of control is
not excusable and I have since tendered an unreserved apology to
'Dewunmi. I have always preached against violence, so this is a time for
some reflection. Again, I apologize and I thank ‘Dewunmi for accepting my

I would like to thank the hundreds of people who called me and those who
sent in messages. For more than 20years now, I’ve operated in the
Electronic media sector without a blemish but by this action, I have let
myself down and most importantly I have let Family, Friends and the
millions of people who look up to me, down.

To those who have been clamoring for my response, I thank you for your
patience and understanding.

Thank you very much and God Bless.
Olisa Adibua


Anonymous said...

Olisa has most definetly bitten more tham he can chew, how can u do that,there's no explanation that he wants to give that would make any sense... Its just really stupid of him and this is not his 1st time of showing his violent self. Maybe that's why no woman wants to be associated with that. Annoying being

Anonymous said...

this beating (assault) was unprovoked.

same assault people unleash on their housemaid whey they find them dozing in the kitchen or their children if they did not wash the car well or when oga madam slap the driver...

most Nigerians ; men and especially women are barbaric when it comes to assault.

olisa is a very good scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

This is arrant bullshit and Olisa must think his above the law... He really needs to be disciplined

Anonymous said...

Saw the pic on Linda's blog and am less than impressed.. I think Olisa should just cover himself in shame