Friday, 30 December 2011


According to what i heard,"Upcoming artist and crooner of gbon gbon Jaywon was beaten up by his label mate, Edris Abdulkareem yesterday at satellite town carnival. Though no one could actually tell what brought about the fight, a lot of people who knows both parties say Edris has been beefing Jaywon because of his rise in the industry. He alongside his thugs beat up jaywon and since he (Jaywon) couldn’t over power them, he was seriously injured"and I hear he was hospitalized and has just been released from the hospital.

I hear the thug has also threatened to go after him again,but now my own problem is even if Keke isn't around can't anyone else bring order, what sort of nonsense is this?

This Edris needs to have his head checked oh!he should really be called to order before
someone really deals with him. I pity his wife *yes i said it* an animal cant only be one outside he would definitely show his animalistic traits in the house.


Nigerian Army Recruitment said...

Seriously i too pity the wife. Who knows what Happens. But won't this guy ever change?

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Anonymous said...

mr blogger are you there ? stop spreading rumours .copy and past bloggers.

BITCH said...

dear anonymous 9:38 you can see you are daft, why didnt you put your name. And the "rumor is very true" maybe you should be the one finding out info. Get a life

Kanyinulia said...

thats not fair.