Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Its so sad the way there just gross mismanagement for human life, the Dana crash is not news anymore but the question that will be on my mind for a long time is why on earth would you fly a plane that has been declared faulty by maintenance staff? so that means that when they said the flight is delayed due to operational faults, one mechanic was joining 2 wires that didnt make sense together,abi i dont get? Human lives, people had itinerays for the next day, meetings planned, some where going back to America, a whole family wiped simply because DANA AIR couldnt be bothered! Did they just think they could manage it for 45mins? you know how in one second your whole life can change how much more 45mins, and i'm even more shocked because the pilot is American normally these are the ones that woukd make sure everything is prim and proper and you just flew a plane because they forced you to, was a gun put to your head or what? The main fact is DANA AIRLINES KILLED THOSE PASSENGERS,NO MORE! and should be shut down pls, this was the same plane that reportedly had faults some weeks ago now this. This country ehn, you go by road tanker explode, you go by air plane crash, your in church/mosque boko haram would come and bomb, your in your house plane would just enter inside fiam. Na only God dey protect somebody, i'm still in shock, the ids that lost their parents, mothers, fathers, kids that died, its really sad something that could be averted. May God help us We need to actually put works behind our prayers in this country, the bible says it "faith without works is dead", we cant just pray and go back and sleep, we need to get up and take action, forget the govt we as individuals can start in our own little way, be the change you want to see, as they say tiny drops of water make an ocean, we cant keep going on like this, we cant!!!!! i haff just tire to talk mehn, o su mi

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