Friday, 15 February 2013


GOLDIE. I'm lost for words, how, when, why, what???? I saw her pics like 3days ago at the grammy's, on Linda's blog as well concerning her reality show with Denrele and now shes gone.

Just yesterday i and a friend were saying Goldie just does her own thing, she really is her own person and all of that, my phone comes on and i see Linda's tweet and i'm in deep shock! calls start flying everywhere and i confirm shes dead!!!!

i dont even know again, i just ask God why, why, why?? what manner of 2013 is this as in Jesu gba wa... kai

She was her own person, an all or nothing girl, either she gets it done or doesnt even bother at all, always somehow sha had a smile on and yesterday Feb 14 2013 her chapter was closed.

Just sad indeed, that it will take her dying for people to ever say something good related to news about her. Let’s be careful with the way we just spew out bile and hateful comments. Life is too short and precious, and we don’t know tomorrow. A few hours ago she was still responding to tweets.

Please If you cant say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Life is too short, to be spent simply hating and typing out trash about someone you don’t know.

There's nothing in this life oh! nothing all is vanity, if you like have 1million cars and all the money in the world you wont take it to heaven oh! from dust we came unto dust we shall return.

I'm just sad

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Goldie Rest in peace