Friday, 7 January 2011


Yesterday there was news all over, from BB broadcasts,to emails to sms everything about a bomb alert at Motorway Complex near 7UP Bottling Plant, Alausa.

The present bomb scare came as a result of a series of similar explosions in Abuja and Jos. In Abuja, the bomb explosion on 31st December, 2010 wreaked damage on the Mammy Market close to the Sani Abacha Barracks, killing a pregnant woman amongst other casualties.

Frank Mba The Lagos state police PRO said “The attention of the Command has been drawn to an on-going rumor spreading across the city, alleging a bomb threat at Motorway Complex near 7UP Bottling Plant, Alausa. The Command has since responded appropriately to the alleged threat. A combined team of conventional police men and crack explosives’ detectives from the Police Bomb Disposal Squad were deployed to the facilities.”

Speaking further on the measures taken, he said: “A meticulous search was carried on the building and its environs as part of immediate investigations, which showed that the threat was false and devoid of all credibility. The Command once again wishes to advise all citizens to eschew rumor mongering and desist from spreading false and unsubstantiated information especially on security-sensitive issues. Persons with useful information are advised to pass the same covertly to security agencies rather than resort to rumor mongering and unnecessary spread of fear in minds of innocent citizens.”
I have said it and i would say it again if you dont have anything useful to do go and pray for Nigeria or better still pray for your life as it has no usefulness other than to spread malicious rumors. It really is not fair because most people would run helter skelter thinking there is a bomb and then nothing,most times it might not be the problem that kills but the anxiety...Like i said earlier pray for your life.


Anonymous said...

May GOD continue to protect us o!

See what MEND had caused?...when they started kidnapping, they were warned that the 'art' would be hijacked from them...alas! what are we seeing now?

The bomb explosion during oct 1st, had again, created another avenue for innocent Nigerians to be killed at the hand of psychopaths!

Am really worried....MAY GOD CONTINUE TO PROTECT US...amen.

in btw...this is a political move & not religion as they 'evil doers' wants us to believe.


i agree with you ibhade